Dead Pulse Rising

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ShockaCon 2015

September 18th, 19th, 20th

Beni Kedem Shrine center

Charleston WV

Only zombies can bring families together... to rip them apart. Come along and enjoy a collection of holiday short stories with a twist. A hilarious romp in the zombie apocalypse from authors Eric A Shelman, Michelle Kilmer, K Michael Gibson, Michael Robertson, Ian McClellan, and many others. Another installment of zombie flavored awesome sauce from the fine folks at All Things Zombie (ATZ). See what happens when Santa gets bit or a Christmas party that goes soooo wrong. Shopping, decorating, and mistletoe... nothing is off limits. A Very Zombie Cristmas is the perfect gift for any horror fan. With over twenty-five stories to keep you laughing and cringing, you may never see the holidays the same way again. See for yourself. 
(whispers in a Wham! voice) ...happy Christmas.

A Very Zombie Christmas


Bioweapon or plague of Mother Nature, Kyle Walker holds the key. He just doesn't know it yet. Hunted by his own government, stalked by the people he once protected, Kyle is faced with an impossible choice: save all of humanity or rescue the family that he loves. What would you do?


This collection of zombie stories features some of the top zombie authors in the genre; T.W. Piperbrook, A.J. Brown, Chris Philbrook, Glynn James, HJ Harry, Kevin Fitzgerald, Jack Wallen, Ben Reeder, Michael Robertson, and Eric A Shelman are among the Horde's collection... but there are more... The Gathering Horde is a wild ride through the apocalypse. Within these pages, you will find that there is no theme, no rules, and no connection from tale to tale. It is truly all things zombie. 
A girl hiding in a crawlspace... a dystopic world where zombies are part of the entertainment... a mother slowly turning near her child... a rescue... evil... humanity... and, of course, ZOMBIES!!! 
You'll own tales from the outbreak, the onset, the fall, the fight, and the world that came after. 33 short stories designed to be read independently at your leisure. Each tale is only 4-8 pages long, making it perfect for the commute or coffee break. You won't find another collection like this one. Read the Gathering Horde... and join us... we are gathering now...

All Things Zombie

The Gathering Horde

Kris Kringle has awakened from his yearly slumber. What has passed by for him in the blink of an eye has been a year long struggle for survival in the world of man as a plague tears through the masses turning everyday people into flesh-eating fiends. Santa has one night, one night to make a difference, one night to help man turn the tide against the undead. Will He succeed?

When The Apocalypse Comes to Town

Author K. Michael Gibson

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